Comedic Gold? Perhaps.

Super Taste This

By October 1, 2021 No Comments

There are few workarounds for the feeding dilemma. For some parents, the solution is generic.

On the surface, that advice fits with the pitch of this blog. In general, off-brand clothing, tech toys, or anything that saves a buck gets green-lighted. If a kid wants Nike Air Jordans instead of Target knockoffs, tell the child to get a job.

But, nature gave us tastes buds. Partly to enjoy eating but also to identify dangerous food. Some humans, like myself, inherited extra taste buds.

Psychologists label folks like me as “supertasters.” Our additional taste buds make us avoid bitter foods, such as green vegetables, and lust for sweet items.

There are various ways to determine whether you’re one of us. Google “supertaster” and you’ll find simple tests like placing food coloring on your tongue and having someone count the taste buds with a magnifying glass. Sound like a fun Friday evening, uh?

But, you can save time and food coloring by answering the following hypothetical dilemma. If a genie were to grant you one wish, and the choice was unlimited sex or unlimited chocolate, which would you pick?

If you paused at the choice, you’re a supertaster. At the subconscious level, supertasters know why to select chocolate over sex. Chocolate doesn’t talk. You don’t have to fake it. And you can go straight to sleep without feeling guilty.

Whether you are a supertaster or have a pedestrian tongue, just about everyone, especially kids, can tell the difference between real Cocoa Krispies and wannabes. That means no to generic.

Some parents will ignore evolution because generic saves money. That’s true, but the savings are upfront. Over time, however, your kid will become resentful at not having real food and become a bitter, costly teenager. That means counseling, medication, and personal shaming. Ask yourself, was it worth buying Hydrox instead of Oreos?