The PC Constitution

The 29thamendment of the US Constitution states, “All children, regardless of race, creed, or sex, shall participate in athletic endeavors until a child demonstratively proves…
October 24, 2020

Shower Me with Stuff

Baby showers are misnamed. It’s not really about the baby. It’s about you. A more appropriate title would be, “We had unprotected sex, and we…
October 23, 2020

Trick, Treat, or Probation

I attended the University of Florida. I teach for Ohio University. Though very different institutions, they are famous for their Halloween celebrations. Epic ones. The…
October 20, 2020

My Back is Killing Me!

Unless you’re a parent, it’s hard to appreciate the hassle of transporting an infant. If you want to understand, go bowling. Then, take the bowling…
October 10, 2020


X-Men. A sexist term for folks with unique abilities. X-Spouses. Grossly understated label for folks with superpowers. X-Men usually have one extraordinary power. Speed. Power.…
October 6, 2020