Let’s Go Home

By May 28, 2021 No Comments

Like a wedding entrance, the hospital exit is a well-choreographed production. The grandparents and friends lead the way. They form a lane for mommy, daddy, and baby. While everyone takes photos, the hospital attendant pushes mom and child. It’s a pretty cool experience.

Getting to the hospital curb is easy, especially with the assisting posse. But, putting a miniaturized, four-limbed, squirming creature into an infant seat ain’t simple. Every newbie parent struggles with the task.

Strapping an infant into a car seat is Frustration 101. It’s also not a relationship enhancer. You can bet confidently that at some point the mother will shout at the dad, “Hey, would you mind putting down the damn phone and helping with your child!”

And you can bet the house that it will not be the last time the mom utters that phrase. Or some variation that replaces “phone” with “beer,” “remote,” or “iPad.”