Parental Jeopardy

By April 17, 2022 No Comments

During pregnancy, the most common question asked by couples is, “Do we need that?” That mindset fosters hoarding, especially for essentials like diapers, binkies, and formula. And BTW, newbie parents-to-be underestimate how many binkies are needed because they don’t know that the binkie fairy steals abandoned binkies.

In addition to daily supplies, there are big-ticket expenses, like the ones mentioned above. Bottom line: housing, transporting, and carrying a small mammal is costly.

Sadly, the most needed commodity can’t be bought – sleep. “Infant,” “feeding,” and “a good night’s sleep” are not typically part of the same sentence.

Sleep deprivation during pregnancy is partly physiological – pregnancy ain’t a sleep-friendly condition. But, the majority of sleep problems during pregnancy are psychological.

Instead of enjoying fantasies during REM sleep, it’s Jeopardy dreaming. The answer is “Stroller, car seat, and changing table.” Your mind races to find the correct question. “What do we need?” Wrong! “Where do I get it?” Nope! Eventually, you get it right. “Who the hell is going to pay for all the stuff?” Jeopardy!