The PC Constitution

By December 2, 2019 No Comments

The 29thamendment of the US Constitution states, “All children, regardless of race, creed, or sex, shall participate in athletic endeavors until a child demonstratively proves that they suck, truly suck, at sports. At that point, said child can join band.”

The PC Police created this amendment, and society, schools, and parents enforce it. The expectation is that a kid just can’t go to school but must participate in some kind of structured extracurricular activity. That means pay to play. Briefly play. Mostly pay.

Occasionally, parents win the genetic lottery and get the three-sport star or the musically-gifted savant. But, the rest of us don’t have that kid. Not even close. Instead, in our garages, we have rusting musical instruments, moldy baseball mitts, and a cemetery of deflated, rejected balls – soccer, basketball, and football.

The items haven’t been put in the Goodwill pile because we cling to the belief, “I thought she might play again.” Some parents even have a piano patiently chilling in the living room waiting for the kid to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” voluntarily. Until that time, the piano serves as a photo stand – the piano bench is extra seating for company.

The “approved” parenting manuals tell parents to follow the lead and interests of the child. That is, let the child pick the activity and decide whether to excel or not. If you follow that advice, you will be hoarding endless crap while waiting for the next neighborhood yard sale.

Letting kids decide extracurricular activities accelerates the negative cash, time, and emotional flows to gushers. It’s nuts to buy a piano to see if your kid has musical inclinations. That’s why God made the recorder.